Monday, 27 October 2014

Strictly Monday Week 5

It's been an interesting week though I'm feeling a bit underwhelmed again. But next week is Halloween theme week which should be fabulous darling. I must also remark on the costumes this week, I always watch Strictly It Takes Two, during the week especially on Thursdays when Vicky Gill shows a sneaky peek of the costumes. I was very interested to see Iveta's dress as I knew it was all beaded fringing and was fairly heavy, but it looked fab. The other costumes like Suentra's, Caroline's and even Marks were beautiful but the best was the stunning red dress Frankie wore, the skirt was wow. 

This week the boys have improved lots Steve danced a lovely waltz, Simon was also great with the Viennese Waltz. But for me the best male celeb this week was Mark, after being in the dance off last  weekend he came out fighting. His Samba was very good and for me the best Samba I've seen so far in the competition. 

Suentra was again like one of those old movies stars while dancing the Viennese Waltz. I missed Alison's Tango as I was making tea, but my girlie said she was good but agreed with the judges she needed more attack. Frankie again danced a great foxtrot which was great fun. For me the best female celeb was Caroline with her Passo. I'm still trying to work out how Pixie scored more than Caroline and Mark as I thought her Samba wasn't as good as Mark's or even Caroline's Passo. 

So to the Dance Off and again what a shocker two of the middle ranked dancers were in the bottom two. This is happening more and earlier than other years, the public vote for their favourites not who dance the best but its always been like that. The middle of the board will always be in danger mainly as its thought they will be safe so no one votes or maybe the way the judges score the dances needs to change as well. 

The two dancers in the dance off were:

Tom and Iveta, Tom danced better again but I thought he didn't have his heart in it or maybe that was me. 
Simon and Kristina again they danced better and beautifully you can tell Simon really enjoyed this dance. 

The judges were split with who danced best so it was a tie but as Len Goodman has the casting vote so he saved Simon and Kristina. I think it was time that the way the judges vote off a dancer needs to change there either needs to be a fifth judge or in the case of a tie like last night perhaps it should be who has the lower public vote has to leave. 

I wonder what will happen this weekend, and will it be another shocker, well of course its Halloween. 

Vic. x

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