Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Christmas Fayre

I'm going to be at this Christmas Fayre and I'm in a panic as I feel that I haven't got a lot of Christmassy or gifty items this year. 

I do have some new items like the Beach Huts, new cornish pixie elves and of course I will be take a few of my Art dolls. Then I remembered I had recently bought some wood shapes and I thought why not paint them and add a ribbon. 

birdcage christmas decorations.

I decided to go with gold and black as it was more striking, though painting them was fiddly. I think they look nice I just need to add some fine ribbon and then decide on a price.  I also need to get some more wood as I fancy making either a winter beach hut or cottage.  But first I need to make a some special elves. 

Vic x

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