Thursday, 18 December 2014

Teeny Tiny Elves

Its been a busy few weeks and I admit I've been struggling to fit everything in before Christmas. Girlie and the Lad break up from school today and I do like to just enjoy the run up the christmas with them and relax a bit.
Yesterday I had some time to do some creating and I decided to try out some of my planned designs on some very tiny elves. these elves are 4 cm tall and if it works on them it will work on the larger elves.

cornish pixie elves

So first up was three night city scene / silhouette elves. I was worried that the colours would be too dark and they are a bit, but I think it would look better on one of the taller elves.

cornish pixie elves

These Steampunk inspired two were great fun and they will work very well as part of a family set. 

I have a few more ideas to work on but I do also need to order some elf bodies in soon and I'm also wanting to make another doll or two, but that will be in the new year. 

See you soon

Vic xx

Monday, 8 December 2014

More New Dolls

Hello firstly an apology I have been a bit remiss and not blogged for a little bit, home life and getting ready for christmas has got in the way. And most importantly I have been busy making two new dolls, which I have been desperate to get out of my head as the idea for them has been sat in there a while now.
I used white satin, white and a pale blue organza for both of the dolls and then added different ribbons and extra trims. I had a change with the colourings and shadings of the face using blue and violet, with their white merino wool hair they looked very wintery and icy which is the look I was aiming for.

pearl small cloth art doll

Pearl, is one of my small art dolls and I really wanted to add the dark grey feather wings, and I had some dark grey ribbon and bows that worked well with them. 

pearl cloth art doll

The big doll I struggled with a name so I searched for viking / scandinavian names and found a couple but Astrid was the one that suited this Ice Queen Doll the best. 

icy queen art doll

One thing I knew she would need was a crown / tiara, and it was nice to be using my jewellery making skills again. I must admit I had forgotten how much wirework can  hurt the fingers.  I also got out the hot fix crystals to add a few to her skirt and also I sewed a few glass drop beads to the points.

art doll

I think if I was making her again I might have made a painted face similar to Scarlet, Cerridwen and Catalina. It certainly would have given the doll a different look but perhaps thats something to consider for another doll.  

ice queen art doll

This is my last two dolls for this year as I'm going to have a bit of a break for a few weeks. I'll be back making some new ones in the new year as there are a couple of ideas already rattling around in my head, along with a few new Pixie Elf ideas. 

Until next time

Vic xx

ice queen art doll