Friday, 8 March 2013

Bunting Queens

I spent a lovely day yesterday with two good friends making bunting. Why bunting? well I belong to the PTA at my son's school and we are having an Easter / Spring fair. We normally have one at Christmas but last year we just did a craft fair and decided to do an Easter / Spring fair instead. As we are hoping to hold the fair outside, the PTA thought it would be nice to have some bunting up and it had to be pastels. The three of us volunteered to make some bunting as it would be cheaper to make than buy.

I arrived at my friends house with my sewing machine, a few pieces of scrap fabric and three large rolls of bias binding I had found. She provided lunch, and my other friend brought her sewing machine and more fabric. well we had to start with a quick cuppa and then made a template out of paper and transferred it to the fabrics and cut them out with pinking shears. I know we could have sewn the edges together and turned them through but we needed the bunting to be quick to make and also get as much bunting out of the fabric as we could. 

We pinned the triangles to the binding and two of us sewed them up, while another carried on pinning. Well we got about five long lengths made, despite interruptions for lunch, tea and cake, re threading machines and swearing at the machines and lots of laughter. I must say the bunting looked brilliant, I will hopefully get a picture of the bunting on the day, but in the meantime here is a picture of a practise run I made Wednesday evening.