Friday, 12 February 2010


Crikey it has been very chilly here it has put me off going out to my shed and I need to finish off a copper bangle. But I have put my time to good use as I have done some watercolour Dark Faeries which I will turn into cards later on.

Raven , AnyaLyssa

I have so many ideas brimming in my head, I have lots of jewellery ideas as well as some ideas for the Elves I make. I'm definitely looking at my dark side as Punk Elves seem to be something I would like to try out, tartan hats and lots of safety pins etc.

Well Here I am.

I never thought I would ever get round to writing a blog but here I am starting one.

This will be where I will put my pics and inspiration of my Jewellery and a lot more besides.

Last week I was busy making this bracelet out of reycled copper pipe. I love using copper it has a nice colour which patinas lovely with age. the only thing I hated about making this was drilling the holes in the copper, but I feel it was worth it.