Friday, 17 October 2014

Baking Cup Cakes

Today I've baked and decorated two dozen cupcakes, it took most of the morning as I had to wash up the utensils and bowls in between. The reason for all the washing up was I made two flavours of cake, Vanilla & Chocolate, and two flavours of frosting, Vanilla and Raspberry. I wish I had room for a second cake mixer and then it might have been a bit easier but then again it would mean a few more bowls to wash up.

my favourite baking books

I have what seems like a small library of baking books, sprinkled with a few cooking book too. My most used are my three Hummingbird Bakery books. The first one is my favourite to be honest and I'm considering getting a second copy as the pages of mine are getting a bit battered. Girlie and the Lad use that one as much as me and its nice when they grab the book and produce a batch of cupcakes or a pan of brownies.
Tomorrow I'll have more baking photos for you. 

Vic x

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