Friday, 30 July 2010

Customizing or Remaking?

So remaking or Customizing something old or new is fun. I bought this watch while I was buying some clothes. It was a bit plain and well it was just begging to have more added to it.


So out I went to my shed this week and hmm what can I add to it, well it needed to be perhaps slightly on the dark side without losing some sparkly glam and it needed to be removable. So I added some hearts, crystals, black and dusky colours all very sparkly, then some lucite roses, and of course some charms. Well here is the result.


Monday, 19 July 2010

I love my Vamps

I'm really loving exploring my darker side with some Gothic "Wee Folk". I decided to make some Vampires ones to start with to see how they go. On the Left is "I Love Vampires" and on the right is "Bite Me" . I think I may try to see if I can make a fang charm or similar to go with some Jewellery though I may need to hide anything Vamp from my daughter she loved watching the Twilight DvDS and I treated her to a fab Team Edward Bag I nearly kept it myself.

I'm also busy replacing stock I sold and have made a nautical themed charm bracelet. I made it in red white and blue but wonder if I should have done it in black and white. It nearly got called Captain Jack Sparrow but I decided on "A Pirates Life For Me". Along with the nautical theme I'm also doing a Driftwood collection with bits of driftwood found at my local beach. I've done one so far called Seashore and have plans for a few more.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Well the jewellery party went very well, I could have sold one bracelet many times over. I'm now busy getting some orders made up well I will when the stock arrives. I'm not sure which I prefer Jewellery Parties or Craft Stalls? with a party there is less of an overhead and you do have a captive audience but everyone wants the same piece and you may not be able to make another one. With a fair you have more variety of customers but you may not sell anything. I think I like both, but I don't want to be doing Parties every month so I've made a choice to only do one every season and I may do an extra at Christmas, we will see how it goes.

My friends and customers are great as they give me lots of new ideas. A very good friend was discussing why no one wears hats to weddings anymore, this led to a discussion on Fascinators. This set off a train of thought for me could I make them, well I had a look round and they are not much different from a tiara, so well I think I'll have a go and see if local customers will purchase them, and the advantage is you can't get anything like that in our area.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Party Party

I've got my first Jewellery Party tonight, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm going to have a little demo making some Silver Earrings and I will raffle them and the host will give the money to a charity of her choice. The host has also asked if I bring along some Elves so I have a nice selection along with some Kokeshi and my new Fairies. The "Cool Britannia" punk elves get their first public showing tonight, and I'm already planning my next limited edition ones I've got lots of ideas.

I've been busy in the shed again making more bits and bobs for the party, If you've been on the Cornish Dragon facebook page you will have spotted them.