Friday, 11 May 2012

Office Work

I wish I could sit and create all day but in order to sell my work there is a certain amount of office work I need to do. I usually do the office work if the weather is so bad like this week cold and very very wet or it just needs doing.
So what does my office work consist of, well mainly it is taking photos of jewellery, beads, elves etc. then uploading them to the computer to edit them. Some get uploaded to Flickr, posted to forums and used for selling like in my ETSY listings which then I pin to my Pinterest boards
Blogging is part of my office work as it is part of my self promotion getting my name out there so people get to know me and what I do. That also means I have to update my Facebook page and of course Tweet.

I also have a side where I want to help out others, like recently I made my first Squidoo lens on Jewellery Parties, I could have written it on here I know but I thought I would give it a try. I hope to add to that lens with a few more hopefully about display, craft fairs, etc. I include going on to the forums I'm a member of as part of my office work, well it is a bit lonely working for yourself and going on the forums helps.

Office work doesn't just include the above its the accounts as well, and possible my favorite part, ordering. Yes ordering glass, beads, metal and elf bodies is all part of the office work. So for now I had better get on and update my other blog and order some glass and go and chat to some lovely crafters on my favorite forums.