Thursday, 26 April 2018

Cornish Pixie News and Cornish Gnomes.

Firstly I have some news regarding the Cornish Pixies, some of you may know that I get the wooden bodies from a company in Sweden. They have supplied the UK for many years with craft items but sadly this year they took the decision to stop supplying to the UK. I luckily still have a few of the bodies in stock and also a few will be retiring so will be sanded down and repainted. The Cornish Pixies will be around for a little while yet, unfortunately I can't find another supplier that makes that shape, but I will keep looking and maybe even make my own. Because of this I revisited an idea I had a few years ago to make Gnomes. I made a couple of prototypes which helped with a few problems and then the Cornish Gnomes were born.

The Cornish Gnomes are possibly related to the Tomtes, Nisse and Scandinavian Gnomes, the pixies aren't sure when or how they arrived in Cornwall. But here are the first four Cornish Gnomes , they are made from felt with a bead nose and merino wool beards.

Frieda & Siguard Cornish Gnomes
Frieda & Siguard Cornish Gnomes
Frieda Cornish Gnomes

Siguard Cornish Gnome
Ralph & Margaret Cornish Gnomes
Ralph & Margaret Cornish Gnomes
Margaret Cornish Gnomes
Ralph  Cornish Gnome

The Cornish Gnomes will be in my Etsy shop over the next few days along with some new small Art Dolls, which you will find more about in my next blog post.

Until next time
Vic xxx