Monday, 20 October 2014

Strictly Monday Week 4

As I was out on Saturday night I had to record this weeks show and watch it yesterday afternoon, so it was glitter overload.

After the Movie night theme this weeks show felt a bit flat to be honest.  Also the judges are now beginning to get a lot more critical at the better celeb dancers. The middle group of dancers are also getting better and snapping at the heels of the better ones.

Frankie and Kevin danced first with the Cha Cha and to be honest it was a bit meh, it certainly wasn't her best dance and the judges certainly gave her a bit of criticism.
Pixie she's a beautiful dancer but she's not a favourite, but I did like her Rumba with Trent, it was sweet and she cried at the end, she also had some criticism from the judges.
Alison as always the minute she started dancing I smiled, the Samba was better than last weeks.
Caroline and Sunetra both danced well and Suentra's pro partner Brendon Cole split his trousers during the dancing so was a bit amusing with Len Goodman commenting on seeing Brendon's bongo.
I must say that Simon, Jake and Mark are great dancers. Thom is finally showing his personality I think he is beginning to enjoy it all.

So to the dance off who were in the bottom two on Sunday evening:-

The first couple to be in the bottom two was Mark Wright and Karen, they were in the top half of the leaderboard and had danced very well so again it was a surprise to see them in the dance off.

And the second couple in the dance off was Tim Wonnacott with Natalie, it was sad to see him in the dance off. We know he can't dance brilliantly but he is such a character, but he still danced better than Scott and Judy.

Well you may guess the result, Mark was saved and unfortunately Tim had his last dance.

Vic x

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