Sunday, 19 October 2014

Baking Cup Cakes - Part 3.

Today I can finally show you the decorated cupcakes, I couldn't before as I wanted them to be a bit of a surprise for our Book Club get together.
If the cakes had just been for us at home I would've just scooped the frosting on top and swirled it with a palette knife, this time I wanted to pipe it on.

The vanilla cakes had a vanilla frosting with ocean coloured sugar pearls. 

butterfly decorations on cupcakes

And the chocolate cakes had a pale pink raspberry flavoured frosting with white shimmer sugar pearls. 

The Butterflies on the cakes are from a shop called Wicksteads Eat Me on Etsy. I found them while searching for halloween things and  I spotted some fabulous Witch wafer toppers and then I spotted the butterflies. I couldn't resist buying some especially for these cakes just to make them a bit more special. 

Vic x


  1. they look too good to eat, but I bet they taste good too

  2. These look delicious & very cute ^.^ Love seeing how our edibles have been used thank you for showing off our Mini Butterflies on your Delicious Cupcakes :D

    1. The butterflies got a lot of lovely compliments :)

    2. Aww that's lovely to hear ^.^ your cupcakes really do look delicious