Monday, 23 February 2015

New Gnome Badges

Last week was half term and I wanted something quick to make for week 8 of the year long challenge. The reason I wanted to make something quick was we were going to be really busy except for a couple of days so I couldn't really start a bigger make. So I made a few more Felt Gnome brooches, they are fun and quickish to make if you don't accidently scatter all the pattern pieces off onto the floor like I did. 

Felt Gnome Brooch

I wanted to make a gnome thats similar to the Pixie elves and the tall hatted gnome was made I gave him a green hat but it could be made in any colour. 

green Felt Gnome Brooch

Next was the Spartan Gnome, his Spartan helmet was a bit tricky to cut as I didn't want to accidently cut off the nose guard. He is the only gnome with visible eyes, well closed eyes as I like no eyes showing I think it gives them a more comical character.  

Spartan Felt Gnome Brooch

Next was Sid the Pirate, I wasn't sure which color to do his bandana hat it was going to be blue but girlie suggested red and I'm glad she did. 

Sid the Pirate Felt Gnome Brooch

And finally what in the end was the most awkward one to make the Pirate Captain, I wanted to add skull and crossbone to the font of his hat. First I tried a white gel pen which didn't work so I tried a bit of white acrylic paint but it still didn't work. So in the end I replaced the felt and stitched in white thread the skull and crossbones, and it was so much better. 

Pirate Captain Felt Gnome Brooch

They are all in my Etsy shop and I'm now thinking of some new ideas for the gnomes and also what to make for week 9 as this week is going to be very busy again. 

Until next time

Vic xx

Thursday, 19 February 2015

A Birthday Pixie Elf

For week seven of the year long challenge I thought I would cross two things of my list. The weekly make and a birthday present for one of my friends.

Cornish Pixie Elf

I only have a couple of this shape of elf body left and I'm not sure if I want to continue with them. To be honest I prefer my usual elf body as it a lovely shape. I also have some elf bodies on the way from Sweden as the larger elves were finally back in stock, so I will be painting some new elves soon.   

At the moment I'm scheduling a few of my blog posts as I'm busy with appointments due to a health issue. Rather than blog all about it on here I have set up a second blog which is more of a diary and you will find it here. But please don't feel obliged to read it but I hope you'll understand why I'm not about as much at the moment. 

See you next time. 

Vic xx

Monday, 16 February 2015

Pixie Elves Due to Retire

As you may remember I retired a few Cornish Pixie Elves last year, I have decided that a few more will be retiring. Which is good as I have some new elves planned.

These basic elves have already been retired as they were made to order and I was waiting for the larger elf bodies to come back in stock.

Cornish Pixie Elves
Basic Family Set

Also I decided to retire The Spots straight away as they were looking a bit tired. 

Cornish Pixie Elves
Spotty Cornish Pixie Elves

 I'm going to be retiring two sets - The Peonies and The Lavenders.

Cornish Pixie Elves
The Peonies

Cornish Pixie Elves
The Lavenders

 Also two of the individual Cornish Pixie Elves will be retiring and they are - Freckles and Fluff.

Cornish Pixie Elves

Cornish Pixie Elves

The elves will still be available for a short while in my etsy shop  but when they expire I won't be relisting them, so grab them while you can before they got to the Cornish Pixie Elf retirement home. 

see you next time
Vic xx

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Oops I missed a week

I forgot to add my make for week 5 of the year long challenge to the last post so here it is now. I finally made my needlecase.

Patchwork Needle Case front

This is the front with some of my vintage pearl buttons, I made it in a patchwork style with some batting and lined the inside with some of my favourite taffeta from my fabric stash.

Patchwork Needle Case inside

I used some white muslin for the leaves of the case and as you can see I've already filled it up with my sharps and my darning needles I use for my doll making.

Patchwork Needle Case back

I also trimmed the front and back with ribbons, I did have to resew it as it had gone a bit wonky. I also did some top stitching around the edge to neaten it a bit more. 
Its now in my doll sewing box and I love using it.

see you soon
Vic xx

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

New Angel dolls.

These dolls are my make for week 6 of the year long challenge, they aren't my usual style of dolls and I did enjoy making them. I used a pattern by Cindee Moyer and adapted it to my style of working and I'm pleased with the results.

cloth art angel dolls

I made three in total all different colours, Blue, Pink and Purple. They were quick to make and fun and they look great.

Cloth Art Angel Doll

I like the organza over the cotton muslin and scrim which I feel gives them an more ethereal feel along with the the closed eyes I painted they look very serene. 

Cloth Art Angel doll

They are in my Etsy shop along with all my other available dolls. I think I may make more of these but first I need to order some more doll fabric. 
I wonder what I will make for week 7.

See you soon
Vic xx