Friday, 7 October 2011

Oct Jewellery Maker Prize Challenge

So here is the second posting today. As I mentioned in the previous blog post, I set Inspiration challenges for the Jewellery Maker Forum. The October one has been set and as it is October it just had to be Halloween. And as usual I had great fun making up the mood board.

So with this challenge there will be a prize, I can't tell you what the prize will be as even I don't know myself yet. But I can guarantee it will be nice. So do you make Jewellery and want to have a go, well you need to go to the Jewellery Maker Forum (the link will take you straight to the October Challenge) and become a member and at least post 5 times, so come on over and join the fun. My entry has already been made I just need to take some photos.

ETSY and Inspiration challenges

I haven't blogged for over a month, so you'll get two posts today sorry.

So where to start, ah yes ETSY. If you are a crafter you will know what ETSY is, and if you don't well its and online marketplace. I'm on Folksy but to be honest the elves need a wider audience, so I thought its worth a try and ETSY is cheaper than Folksy.
You may have noticed the widget for the shop over there on the right with some of my new style elves and a few sets. I have a couple of halloween elves that I must get to photograph and list soon, plus some Yule elves. 

So now on to Inspiration Challenges, for September I set a challenge of ART on the Jewellery  Maker Forum. I made a inspiration / mood board, which to be honest I enjoy making as much as thinking up a piece of jewellery.

I narrowed down my art inspiration to Mackintosh, Erte and Klimt and the medium I was going to use was polymer clay. For some reason I changed my mind as I had some of my lampwork beads that just fitted with Klimt so out came some Rose Quartz, Copper wire and a lovely ribbon. So I was spiraling and wrapping with copper wire and made this necklace inspired by Gustav Klimt's "Tree of Life".

The necklace "Phoenix" is now on my website and I will tell you about the lampwork beads on  the Storm Glass Bead Blog.