Tuesday, 14 October 2014


I admit today I was struggling with what to write about, a friend suggested I show my fabric stash which is a good idea and then I had that light bulb moment and thought Buttons!!!

jar of Buttons

I have a lot of buttons, the picture above shows on pot of them. I also have another bigger jar of black buttons and a square storage tub full of bagged tiny buttons. But thats not all I have a few extras in my sewing box and a bag of large brown buttons somewhere. 

collection of buttons

The glass jar pictured contains an assortment of buttons from wooden to plastic of all different sizes and colours. 

I use the buttons on lots of  things from the Cornish Pixie Elves and they are perfect for joints on the Art Dolls. They have also been used to decorate a mirror for girlie and some christmas wreaths / garlands and I have also made them into jewellery. 

Vintage and mixed buttons

Most of the buttons have been bought, though I do have some that my gran collected over the years including vintage mother of pearl buttons. I recently used some of the vintage buttons on Catalina the Day of the Dead Art Doll

buttons including vintage wooden button

My husband also had a button box when I moved in so I sorted them out and found the square button in the picture above.

I do love buttons they are pretty, tactile and you can make so much with them. 

Vic x


  1. I love buttons! I have my mother's, mother-in-law's, and my own button tins. They have such history. fabulous post.

  2. I remember rummaging in my Grandmothers button box, each button had a story, I love buttons too :)

  3. I have my Nan's buttons too - I still love rummaging through them, even the sound of the buttons as you move them brings back wonderful memories. And a lot of them are from articles of clothing we wore as kids :)