Monday, 18 November 2013

Dr Who and me.

This weekend I will be at two Christmas Craft Fairs, the details of where and when are on my facebook page. Also I'm very excited about the fact that its the 50th anniversary episode of Dr Who and I love Dr Who. I think watching Dr Who on Saturday evenings was exciting and very scary, that and possibly Star Trek (TOS) were responsible for my love of sci fi.
One of my earliest memories is from when I was about 4 years old and seeing and episode that featured London and a giant rat in the underground sewers. There are so many memories of watching Tom Baker as the Dr and sat in front of the telly eating a tea of homemade chips, egg and sausages. I liked all of the following Doctors but I was very disappointed when it finished. 

When Doctor Who was brought back I was so pleased as I knew my children would love Dr Who as much as I do. They loved the Sarah Jane Adventures we used to sit and watch them back to back on CBBC on school holidays.
I have to admit David Tennant is my favourite Dr, Sarah Jane Smith was the best companion ever, River Song is a brilliant recurring character, baddies has to be the Master and for monster well no question it has to be the Daleks.  So Saturday night I will be locking the door turning off  the phone and will settle down to watch and The Day Of The Doctor, Happy Anniversary Dr Who.

See you next time
Vic xx