Thursday, 31 July 2014

Fairytale Cornish Pixie Elves

A while ago I painted Arthur and Merlin Pixie Elves and I did think of painting a few more Fairytale characters. The first one that came to mind was Robin Hood and Maid Marion, well as I had a spare rounded bodied elf I just also had to include Friar Tuck. 
For Robin I was worried about the green paint I had as it wasn't a bright green more of a dusty green and his hat was going to be a challenge. So I sewed two triangles of felt together and turned them out, added a feather to the brim and it looked great. With Maid Marion I wasn't sure what colours to use, Girlie suggested blue and I'm glad she did. I added some silver details and sewed a scrap of white organza to her felt hat. The Friar was naturally the easiest to paint and I think they look really good. 

Robin, Maid Marion, Friar Tuck

I also had seven tiny rounded elf bodies that just needed another larger elf to go with them. Yes you guessed it Snow White was next. With Snow I wanted to avoid the Disney Princess colours of her so I decided to paint her body mainly red with black, gold and white highlights. All the dwarves I decided to paint their shirts and neckties all in different colour, as they were tiny it was a bit of a challenge. During painting I nicknamed them Snow and her Entourage.  

Snow white and her dwarves

I'm now thinking of some other fairy tales that will work well with my elves, but first I have a few other ideas that I want to paint. 

Until next time

Vic xx

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Retiring Pixie Elves

To make room for new Pixie Elves I've decided that I will retire a few of the old Elves. Here are the ones that will be retiring later this year.

vampire elf
Bite Me 

count dracula elf
The Count 

sid and viv punk elves
Sid and Viv the Punks

ella elf

meadow elf

If you want one of these grab them from my Etsy shop before the disappear for ever. 

until next time 
Vic x

Replacement Handles

After redecorating the kitchen I kept looking at our dresser and it needed a bit of a lift. As its a lovely pine dresser made over the border in Devon and I really didn't want to paint it. The easiest option was to replace the wooden drawer and door handles. Luckily we have a lovely shop in our nearest town, Bude, that sells lots of lovely things and I did notice a few different drawer handles. I really wanted them all different colours but I there was only three black, red, and green, so we got two black which were different patterns. 
We finally got them put on last week and I'm really glad we did change them it looks really nice.

ceramic door handle

ceramic door handle

ceramic door knob

ceramic door knob

I got my girlie to take a picture of them while I was editing some elf photos, and I think she did and very good job.

Until next time 
Vic. xx

Thursday, 24 July 2014

New Beads

The weather has been a bit warm so I haven't had much time to get to the torch and I've also been busy with dolls and pixie elves. Last Wednesday I thought why not and went out and light the torch and for once I knew what I wanted to make. So I decided I wanted to perfect my dragon beads a bit more, well it maybe wasn't the best type of bead to start with as they are complicated and I did forget to pull a stringer for the eyelid. 

lampwork dragon glass bead

 Well as I suspected it ended up as a bit of an ugly dragon but I wasn't too worried and made another couple which were a lot better. I will give these two dragons to Beads Of Courage run by BCCA here in the uk.

lampwork dragon glass beadlampwork dragon glass bead

I was running out of time at the torch (I had to go in to help make tea) so I just made a few quick spotty beads with some lovely CIM glass, Eggplant and Poseidon

glass lampwork beads
I had a lovely few hours at the torch and I hope it won't be too long before I get back to it.

see you next time
Vic xx

Monday, 21 July 2014

More New Additions

Our broody hen has been sitting on a few eggs, usually she is a good mum and rears the chicks really well. This year we don't know what went wrong but its been a bit of a disaster as she got disturbed and came off the nest and wouldn't go back on. Unfortunately some of the hatched chicks got cold and perished, also there were three eggs that were hatching so we had to quickly put them in the incubator. They all hatched but two were a bit weak, so the strongest one went out with the hen while the other two gained a bit of strength. Sadly a neighbours part feral cat got one of the chicks that was outside and the weakest chick in the incubator didn't recover which was very sad. So out of  8 eggs we ended ended up with just three chicks they are really tiny still but very very cute. 

mother hen

baby chick and mother chicken


I took these pictures this morning and my labrador decided she also should come out and play so the chicks decided to hide in the undergrowth in their pen. 
Chirpy aka Godzilla has been moved out of quail pen as he was getting quite big and put in with the chickens. I was trying to get a photo but he was hiding away from the other hens as they are beating him up. The ducklings have also grown a lot and are still cute and comical. It won't be long before their feathers come through and they will no longer be yellow and fluffy. 

aylesbury ducklings

Until next time
Vic xx

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Back to Baking Cakes

I've not been baking cakes as much as I used to mainly as my girlie has been making them so I've used the extra time to create. But last week I really wanted to make some cupcakes for my friends to enjoy when we got together for coffee the next day. Also I really wanted to experiment with some flavours and see how they turned out. My Mum had given me a small bottle of natural raspberry flavouring, so I thought I would make raspberry and chocolate cakes.
First I made plain chocolate cakes and then while the cupcakes were baking  I made a pale pink raspberry frosting. I piped the frosting on, which is something I rarely do, next I added white shimmer pearls and just to four of them I used some really pretty flower and butterfly toppers. It was a good thing I put the four with the toppers in a separate box as by the next day nearly all of the cakes had gone.

chocolate and raspberry cupcakes

 Making these really got me wanting to bake more regularly again and I'm planning to make some soon  maybe either Rose or Black Forest cupcakes.

Until next time

Vic xx

Monday, 14 July 2014

New Pixie Elves

Last week I needed to make something and as much as I would've liked to a doll I thought it would be nicer to make some Pixie Elves. So out came the bodies and the paints but what to do. First I wanted to make a family in neutral colours for a challenge over on the Craft Pimp forum. I chose Iris pink, soft grey and Ivory paints, cream felt, a large and two small elf bodies. I love the colours of those paints they are so soft looking almost shabby chic. 

cornish pixie elves Sugar plums

Next I decided to repaint an old elf body, I had sandpapered off all the old paint and gave it a coat of white gesso last year. She did start off with a stripes of paint in blue, pink and green but it just didn't look right so I quickly washed off the paint and repainted it green with ivory spots. I still have a few felt wings left so she ended up as Dotty the winged pixie elf. 

winged cornish pixie elf

For some reason I wanted to make a halloween family set painted in purple, orange and green. I then drew a bat on their fronts and painted it in black, the bat on the tiny pixie elf was a bit challenging but it looks great. 

halloween cornish pixie elves

I had a bit of experiment with taking the photos of the family sets, usually I take individual photos but this time I've left the other elves in the background and it looks a lot better than on their own.

cornish pixie elves Sugar plums

cornish pixie elves Sugar plums

halloween cornish pixie elves

halloween cornish pixie elves

Until next time
Vic x

Thursday, 10 July 2014


The holidays are nearly here and in a few weeks my children break up for school for the summer. What a year for both of them, my lads first at senior school and my girlie chosing her options. So I will have six weeks of trying to get kids up the normal time as I will want to shopping when all they want to do is sleep through until the afternoon. Then there will be the arguments, the laughter, the fun and also me trying to create or work on the computer while trying to amuse them. This year I'm planning some visits out, they have already requested Boscastle, and I have found a project to give them something to do, I might even let them on here to tell you about it. 

See you next time

Vic xx

Monday, 7 July 2014

Baby ducks.

I really thought we wouldn't have any ducklings this year as our drake passed away earlier in the year, our ducks had other ideas. The oldest of our ducks went very broody so with no drake we needed some fertile eggs, hubby managed to find someone local with eggs luckily. Last week we heard cheeping and my lad had a quick look and he said he saw three fluffy yellow ducklings. We waited for a day or two and then mummy duck brought them out, they are so cute. Yesterday I managed to take some photos, as mummy duck is still very protective I couldn't get too close so they aren't too great.

As you can see they love swimming in the old paddling pool in the duck run. I also noticed that the other two ducks are also protective towards the ducklings which is unusual.

Now we waiting for some cute fluffy chicks as we have two broody hens sitting on eggs, though my lad has said he could hear cheeping in an egg so it might not be too long.

Until next time
Vic xx

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Doll Heads

I recently purchased an E-Pattern from Colleen Babcock's Etsy shop called all about the face. I love Colleen's patterns as she explains things really well, and I've learnt a few more little tricks from them. So one Friday last month I made two heads they didn't take long and used up a few scraps of fabric, the colouring took a bit longer as I was trying out different eye placements. After a few hours I had two lovely heads but what to do with them? Luckily Colleen's pattern was in two parts and has lots of ideas of decorating the head and I decided to finish them off with bead embroidery.

rainbow cloth art doll face

The first was inspired by a challenge on the Craft Pimp Forum, the challenge was to make something summery and colourful. For some reason I had a rainbow idea in my head so I decided to go with the idea and luckily I had the right colour beads in my stash. 

rainbow cloth art doll face

The top of the head I made some fringing and I was really pleased how she turned out as it looks like she has a carnival  headdress on.

art deco cloth doll face

I waited a week to start the bead embroidery on the next head, this one I wanted to be an opposite to the colourful one. In my stash I had one of  Lynn Davey's Mini Mojo Pots and it had some lovely accent beads in black and silver tones, which inspired an art deco look.

art deco cloth doll face

I really enjoyed making these and I can have a few heads ready made to be embellished and then made into fridge magnets or brooches or I can add them to a doll body. They have also given me some great ideas for halloween and christmas. 

Until next time 
Vic xx