Tuesday, 12 July 2016

New Elves

I was busy at towards the end of the month painting some new Cornish Pixie Elves, since then I've not been as busy making or creating. Mainly my mojo decided to go off to warmer climes and is probably still sunning itself on a beach sipping cocktails. Also the past two weeks Mr Cornish Dragon and I have been busy being a taxi for the Girlie as she is currently on Work Experience in Boscastle. Its a forty minute drive each way twice a day so we have been taking it in turns, good job the view is stunning though one day it was quite foggy and mizzly, the photos below were taken by girlie while I was driving and they really haven't done the view any justice.

road to boscsatleroad to boscsatle

So back to the Cornish Pixie Elves, I decided to get prepared for Halloween and have two new Halloween pixies this year. I grabbed my sketchbook for some inspiration and decided on painting a gravestone and a witches hat on the bodies of two small elves. 

Halloween Cornish Pixie Elf

Halloween Cornish Pixie Elf

Next I got out a couple of bigger elves and I had always wanted to paint a dragonfly elf, I used some new pink paint for the body and some of my metallic acrylic ink. 

Dragonfly Cornish Pixie Elf

The next elf was something else I have wanted to paint for a while was a peacock, I had sketched a stylised version in my sketchbook and I decided to go from that one rather than something more complicated. 

Peacock Cornish Pixie Elf

Again I used some new pink paint and the acrylic inks, which sadly don't photograph so well but they do look fabulous and shimmery.

It will soon be the school holidays and hopefully I shall get creating on a couple more witches and maybe a mermaid and then I will be planning some christmas Pixie elves and dolls. But first I will be busy with a show on the LBA Limelight Facebook Group which starts Wednesday 13th July at 2 pm British Summer Time for 48 hours. And the Dragonfly and Peacock Pixie ELves will be joining inon the fun. 

Until next time
Vic xx