Sunday, 7 October 2018

Art Doll Round Robin 2

You may have read my post about an art doll round robin which finished in march this year. As I really enjoyed joining in and making different parts for everyone's dolls I thought I would join in on the next round.  I was intending to blog regularly and show each part I made for the dolls but life and time got involved so I was unable to do that.
I do want to share one doll which I was lucky enough to add the clothes to, he had a pirate feel to him and I had lots of ideas running in my head. But while watching the last episode of the TV program of Versailles inspiration struck. So he ended up with dark green trousers that I gathered below the knee and a white shirt with lace on the cuffs. I topped this with a grey shot satin waistcoat which I embroidered and topped with a shot burgundy satin coat edged with ribbon. To finish off  his clothing I added a white lace edged cravat tied with a velvet ribbon and faux leather shoes with pearl buckles. After I finished him I posted the doll on to the next participant who added hair and a tricorn hat before posting it back to his owner.

round robin art doll
All the dolls have now returned to their owners and I received mine back this weekend. This is the head I sent off on her travels to be added to. 

round robin art doll challenge

Every month I would see a photo of her with a new part added and it was fascinating seeing what the other participants would do with her. I was so pleased when I had her back as the photos really didn't do her justice.
round robin art doll challenge
It's quite interesting that she turned into a pixie complete with her own toadstool to sit on and I received her back the day before the reveal of the Art Elements Fairy Challenge.  As you can see from the photo she is sat next to the doll from the last round robin and they look good together.
This month we are starting the next round robin and its going to be a male doll this time. I'm really looking forward to joining in as I had recently brought a pattern for a male mermaid doll.
Until next time
Vic xx