Saturday, 18 October 2014

Baking Cup Cakes - Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about baking two dozen cakes, the cakes are for a special book club get together this evening. We all are contributing to a meal and I was asked if I could make some cakes, so I decided I would make some cupcakes as they are light to eat and can be made a bit more special with the decorations. 

cupcake cases waiting to be filled

I have a big tub full of pretty cupcake cases, I only used to be able to get pretty ones from the internet but since Bake Off I can now find them in my local supermarket. 

cupcake mix

cupcake mix

I use a mixer all the time for my cakes now as its so much easier and I get more consistent cakes. The real problem I have is getting the mix into the cases without making a mess. I used to add the mix to a jug and then fill up the cases but since then I've found an easier solution. 

scooping the cake mix into the cases

As you can see from the above photo I use an ice cream scoop to fill the cases up. The scoop makes things there are even amounts of mix in each case. 
Tomorrow I can show you the decorated cakes. 

Vic x

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  1. Spotted in my Kleeneze catalogue, a jug with a trigger release for filling cup cake cases, or pancakes etc - just trying to work out how to justify a new gadget though as we don't eat that many cakes or desserts :( (Looks like this )

    Now to read part 3 :)