Thursday, 9 June 2011

June here already

June is probably one of my busier months not for jewellery and making more busy with the other things that get in the way. I have book club, a dog show, Patronal Festival, school trips and then at the start of July it will be my son's birthday. On top of all that I have a jewellery party between the dog show and Patronal festival. I have been trying to get some extra bags and jewellery made and I'm wanting to get back with playing with metal I have the urge to make a Owl.

The Patronal Festival the whole week there is something on and on Festival day the school is a big part of the whole day. The festival does have an Art exhibition and I'm tempted this year to put in a piece of jewellery, I had ideas of a lampwork necklace but I couldn't get the right shape. In the end I made a piece for an Inspiration challenge on a jewellery forum, The inspiration was "by the Seaside" and I came up with this necklace.

Now I was also thinking of putting this in the art exhibition, but then unfortunately it won't be available for the jewellery party. I was tempted to take a photo of the necklace to the jewellery party, but I'm now thinking it really needs to be at the party. so maybe I will make something for next year.