Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Farewell Godzilla aka Chirpy

You may remember a post in the summer about the Lad's chicken, Godzilla or Chirpy as he became know.

Godzilla aka Chirpy

A few days ago we had to separate him from the rest of the chickens as he looked really poorly. My husband thought he was a bit thin, the other chickens always bullied him so we thought maybe he couldn't get enough to eat. 

We put him in our porch for a couple of days to keep an eye on him.  He was happy eating and drinking, he was still was huddled up at times, but he really perked up by the next day. Sadly Chirpy passed away in his sleep overnight, much to my Lad's sadness.

Chirpy was a real character and very friendly.  And my hubby remembered when he was cleaning out the chicken house, Chirpy ran up his back and perched on his shoulder. It was a shame he didn't grow into a big cockerell but I hope that in his afterlife he is happily scratching away and being a happy chook. He will be fondly remembered.

Vic x

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