Friday, 24 October 2014

New Elves

As I mentioned before I have a craft fayre next month, so this week I was busy making some new Cornish Pixie Elves.

cornish Pixie Elves

These are the small sized elves and I decided I would paint a star on the front for a change. I used different coloured metallic paint for the stars and I really like the bronze so I used it on my next elves. 

cornish pixie elf

For these I've used a new style body which is a conical shape. They ended up being painted in my favourite colours with the bronze hearts they look cute.

snowmen cornish pixie elves

As I enjoyed making the lighthouse elves so much I thought I would make some winter scene elves. They just look great and I think I will need to get some more of these elf bodies as I have a few more ideas for these very special style elves. 

Vic x

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