Monday, 19 April 2010

Time for a Ring

I've finally pierced out the copper and have used the leaf I etched on a ring. Well this would be my first attempt at a ring. I used some Sterling Silver wire, the copper and I got to use my ring mandrel for the first time.
I soldered the copper leaf to part of the silver wire I had flattened slightly, the solder didn't take so I pickled the pieces and started again, I had the same result so I cleaned off the borax cone and dish, and remembered to heat the whole of the wire not just where I was soldering and success this time. Then it was shaping the ring it seemed to go well and I soldered it in position and popped it in the pickle and then had to dash to get it out, I had left some binding wire on the ring and now the ring was all copper coloured OOOPPS. But it was saved with sanding down and polishing.
I wear the ring all the time and feel pleased with my first attempt.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Holiday Time

Yes the sproglets are off school for a couple of weeks so I haven't had so much time to create. Mind you the weather the past few days has been lovely & sunny so the sprogs have been out, either terrorizing our chickens (the wee lad) or out all day on a bike (the girlie).
Luckily in between the egg hunts I was able to get out and have a play at etching Copper with a salt water solution and a battery.

I used some black electricians tape to cover the copper and a waterproof pen for the design. As you can see the pen wasn't really up to the job and the etching was a bit blurry. I think I will certainly use this method again and try nail polish or even beeswax for the image. It certainly beats using an acid.

While waiting for the copper to etch I used up some old beads and made four bracelets, I like making things that don't take too long to make.

They will go on the website soon as I'm going to have a bit of a revamp on there.