Friday, 10 October 2014

Halloween ideas

This year I'm planning my Halloween theme as usually I leave it to the last minute and end up having to make do with what we have to hand. Last year the only thing we planned was the scarecrow but again it was using items we had to hand except for the pumpkin head.

Luckily I have made a Happy Halloween board on Pinterest to join the Halloween Inspiration board. And I found this great idea on there and I think it will look brilliant hanging from either my porch or near our gate I may even make a big spider and have it nearby. 

The sweets are ready and we found some Candy Corn and white mini marshmallows. I will bag both up in small parcels possibly with some chocolate raisins with a tag saying Ghost Poo, Pumpkin Teeth and Bat Droppings. 

The toffee apples, in the photo above, look really good almost like a poisoned apple which would've been fun to make but unfortunately my girlie has just had a brace fitted so no toffee apples for a while. 

Vic x

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