Monday, 15 April 2013

A passion for reading and seed beads.

When I'm not crafting I read a lot, its my passion and pleasure. Being part of a book club and having a kindle has changed what I read over the years but I can't go a month without reading a book. My favourite all time author is Terry Pratchett, I started reading his discworld books many years ago, the first book I read was Wyrd Sisters and I recently enjoyed the Long Earth, a collaboration with Stephen Baxter.
I also do like vampire / paranormal type of books and my most recent favourite series is from a british author, Stephanie Hudson. I have read the first two books in her Afterlife saga and I'm hooked I couldn't put them down and I'm waiting a bit before I get the third so I can savour it over the school holidays. 

In fact the Afterlife saga influenced a piece of beaded jewellery I made. With the cold weather we have had I've worked indoors and I have rediscovered my love of seed beads. So I purchased a few tutorials from Lynn Davy , a fellow Craft Pimp member. I fell in love with this tutorial and found some stunning gilt lined seed beads that were perfect. I also purchased a few bits to embellish the necklace including a winged heart which was inspired by the hero in the Afterlife saga, Dominic Draven. It took at least 2 whole days work but I was really pleased how it turned out. 

Reading as you can see can influence and inspire my work so I'm now considering my reading as research, well thats what I'm telling my family anyway. Now where is my kindle.........