Sunday, 8 May 2016

Baby Trolls and Witch Brooches

Its been a busy month here and haven't had any time to update on here. But today as I've been busy  preparing and taking photos of the new creations well it would be rude not too say hello and show you what I've been making.

baby Troll art dolls
Oggle and Dingle Baby Trolls

I had the pattern for these two baby Trolls for a while and I finally felt ready to try them out. As usual I had great fun though the fingers are really fiddly. 

dingle baby Troll art doll

 I had to hand sew the head together as it was a bit too tiny for the sewing machine. I used clear fishing line for the needle sculpting for the first time and I liked using it on the nose and lips..
The pattern doesn't give the trolls hair but they looked odd with no hair so I needle felted in some merino wool to give them both a shock of hair.

oggle baby troll art doll

Also I really didn't want to make a full doll or mini doll so I decided to make some Art Doll head Brooches, which I haven't made for a very long time. Well I wondered what to make and finally decided to make some more Witch Brooches. 

Witch art doll brooches
Lorna, Betsy and Jules, Witch art Doll Brooches.
I used the same pattern for each head and as you can see they all turned out differently and each with an individual personality. I do enjoy making the smaller dolls but it is nice to make a large one occasionally. 
Hopefully soon I can start painting some new Cornish Pixie Elves as I've had a couple of ideas and I want to make some more bears at some point.

Until Next time
Vic xx

Witch art doll brooches

Witch art doll brooches

Witch art doll brooches

oggle baby troll art doll

oggle baby troll art doll

dingle baby troll art doll

dingle  baby troll art doll