Sunday, 13 June 2010


I remember being in the shower once and having a bright idea and then having to go and make something on that idea. Now I have lots of notebooks along with pencils scattered around the house and even one in the car. This has now given me a habit of buying gorgeous looking notebooks even if I need them or not the same with pencil cases and pencils though that isn't as bad as the notebook collection that is growing and growing.

Everything can inspire me and I'm hoping that we will have more outings like Saturday to Boscastle.

We were sat happy with Cornish Pasty in hand with drinks enjoying the sunshine and being slightly pestered by a Herring Gull, luckily this was a North Cornish Gull and hasn't learnt to take the pasty from your hand as in some parts. We gave the Witchcraft Museum a miss this time as we will come back later in the year for our annual visit. Later it was a lovely walk back to the car with Ice-cream in hand and spotting the odd fish. I wonder where we will go next Tintagel would be nice but the Hurlers is another favorite place to visit.

The inspiration on the Making Jewellery Forum June competition was a picture and it really got my mind fizzing with ideas. At first I thought of a copper pendant a bit like a brick wall with ivy and tendrils but in the end I just made some Silver Ivy Leaves soldered onto silver wire with some freshwater pearls. I enjoyed the soldering more this time, maybe I'm getting the hang of it.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Elf Stop or Wee Folk?

Was the question I was asking my kids yesterday, I was trying to work out a name for the gifts I make mainly the Elves. Wee Folk won so I've been busy re arranging the old website to make room for them. I haven't done it all yet but I'll get there, I just have to work out the prices for them all.

I also decided to make some limited edition Elves and made these three "Cool Britannia" Punk Elves are the first ones. The mohican was a bit on the difficult side I tried cutting up a spiky rubber bead but it just wouldn't stick so it was back to my original thought felt. I'm pleased with the result but I have to hide them from my daughter as she wants them.