Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Halloween Brooches

As I really enjoyed making the Mummy and Zombie Art Doll heads the other week and I wondered if they would go smaller. So I used my own pattern to make two heads,  I did need to make a new pattern piece for the back of the head as it needed to be flat.

art doll brooch

The mummy again worked out well, I had to keep reblending the eye colour as I wanted it to pop like the other Mummy. 

mummy art doll brooch

Sewing the brooch back on was a bit more challenging, I do have a few needles that have bent a bit and I used one of those.

art doll brooch

The Mummy Brooch is available now in my Etsy shop. 

As to the other one I turned that into a Witch and she will part of a Halloween giveaway which I will tell you about tomorrow. 

Vic x

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