Monday, 17 May 2010

Thats me!

Yep I've decided to put my mug on the blog, so yes thats me. Thank goodness I had my hair cut at the weekend. My hairdresser Charlotte is a genius she does a very good job.

Steamed Leaves?

Oh where did the month go to. I've been busy with bits and bobs including jewellery.
I've tried my hand at Steampunk, well its not true steampunk but more inspired by the genre. I think mine would be Vintage with a Steam twist. The inspiration for it was the Cottingley Fairies & Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

I've been bashing the metal again and was trying to form a large copper leaf for a necklace. The idea was that I would use the edge of my bench block and form the leaf so it had a nice crease down the centre. Hmm it didn't really work out the copper was old thick pipe it even had Yorkshire Imperial stamped on it. I tried to anneal it so it would be easier to work with, well my little torch wasn't man enough, so I tried 2 torches with little success. I did get the leaf into a pleasing shape in the end but it has made me realize I do need to get a decent torch.