Monday, 17 December 2012

New Projects

Well I'm all ready for Christmas and this week is fairly clear of work and Christmas preparation. So I have been busy with some craft projects. One project was something I meant to start in the summer holidays but I have only just managed to get round to completing them. I was programming my bead cube this morning to fire some coasters that have been over glazed painted. Unfortunately the kiln is so tiny I can only fire one at a time so I either have to fire every day or twice a day. When they are fired I will take photos and show them off after Christmas  I can't show them before as they are gifts for my parents. 
But in the mean time I can show you another new project I have underway. 

These Green-men are Cloth Doll decorations, I bought a pattern from Colleen Babcock and they were very fun to make. I loved needle sculpting the faces and as you can see not one has the same face, which I like. Now there is only one thing, my sewing machine, its fifteen years old and apart from problems with the tension it does the job. But when I use it it smells like, well the only way to describe it is the smell of a party popper or a Christmas cracker when popped or snapped. So I think it may have had its day and its time to replace it. So you may see more of the cloth dolls from me in the new year. 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Robins

I have made Christmas decorations for sale this year.  Well not surprisingly they are made from glass. So my ETSY shop has glass Fairies, Angels, Snowmen and Robins.The Robins are in a brilliant Christmas Robin treasury by Nicola Dawber on ETSY.  Which is HERE if you want to have a look. Well as expected I had to have a go at making Elf Robins, I had great fun painting  them and sewing the eyes and beaks on the felt hats. I have a feeling you may see a few more bird and animal Elves next year.