Monday, 13 October 2014

Strictly Monday Week 3

This weekend on Strictly it was theme night and as usual the first theme is the Movies. I do like the themes but I do have to admit that the Halloween night is my favourite. Mainly because the costumes and makeup are even more amazing.
Also this week we had a guest judge in Donny Osman, he's nice but for me it didn't work with him as a judge. To be honest I don't think Strictly needs a quest judge I think it skewed the scores a bit and how will that work for the dance off, well we will see later how it worked. I'm also finding the start of the show with the judges dancing in a bit cringe worthy but I expect I will get used to it by the end of the series.

So as to who we liked this week, well out of all the boys for me the front runner is Jake his waltz was dark mean and moody in keeping with his movie, The Godfather. Thom danced better this week and he's not bad but to me there is something missing compared to the others. Steve, Simon and Mark also danced ok this week. As for the girls well Frankie was brilliant dancing the Paso doble to 'America' from West Side Story. Sunetra danced a beautiful American Smooth to 'The Way you look tonight' from Swing Time. Caroline and Alison also danced very well as did Pixie who seems to be coming the judges favourite.

So the two couples who ended up in the dance off were:

Simon and Kristina, this was surprising as he's a good dancer but then he danced the Rumba. I think it is tough dance especially for a male dancer and for us as viewers, I've noticed over the years a few celebs seem to end up in the dance off more with this dance.

Jennifer and Tristan, unfortunately not a surprise as she is a complete novice dancer and as some of the other celebs are fairly good this shows more.

Both couples danced better again but as expected the judges voted for Simon and Kristina. It's a real shame to see Jennifer leave the show as I would have liked to see how she would've improved.

Vic x

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