Thursday, 20 August 2015

Halloween Dolls

It's taken a couple of weeks but I have finally finished my dolls for this years Halloween. I had already decided they would be my own mini dolls and I would make two. 

witch cloth art doll
The Wicked Sisters

I had some black and grey cotton left in my stash and I also found the spider web net while I was routing around. I was going to use some black chiffon underneath the net but I felt organza was a bit better and would give a bit of shape to the underskirt. 

witch cloth art doll
Esme Wicked Sister

I was originally just going to have the organza and net as the main skirt but they needed a bit more so I used what was left of the bodice fabric for an over skirt that was open at the front to show the under skirt / petticoat. Esme did start off with a peplum rather than a skirt but I sadly had my mini iron too hot and melted the taffeta lining. 

witch cloth art doll
Tabitha Wicked Sister

With Tabitha I decided not to add a lining to her skirt and just doubled up the fabric and also meant I wouldn't accidently melt anymore fabric. I found a couple of bows and some fine ribbons for the bodice, waist and wrists. 

witch cloth art doll

The hair was a difficult decision and Girlie was a great help with choosing them so we went for a burgundy red for Esme and a dark teal for Tabitha. 

witch cloth art doll

Both dolls are available in my Etsy shop and now I'm beginning to think of some special dolls for christmas. 

Until next time 

Vic xx

Thursday, 6 August 2015

New Spooky Elves

It's the summer holidays so its time for me to start thinking about seasonal dolls and Pixie elves. I admit I was struggling for ideas for the Pixie elves but I grabbed my ideas sketchbook and had a quick flip through. It certainly helped as I made two new Halloween Cornish Pixie Elves this week.

First I painted a small elf in bright pumpkin orange and added a spider motif in black and added a black hat.

Cornish pixie Elf Spider

The next Pixie Elf is my favourite and reminds me of old spooky horror films, I could have made a zombie but I like the idea of a Mummy more.

cornish Pixie Elf the mummy

I painted the body with a parchment coloured paint which gives the Mummy and aged look and nicer than a stark bright white. Both will be available to buy in my Etsy shop next week.

Not only did I paint the Halloween elves I also made a couple of prototype fabric elves.

prototype fabric cornish pixie elves

The pattern isn't quite right yet so I will have to adjust the pattern until I'm happy with them. These two were elf napped and I later found one in the lads room and the girlie had the other.

Next I will be hopefully making some Halloween art dolls and then I will be thinking about the C word, yes Christmas.

Until next time
Vic xx