Tuesday, 28 October 2014

My Old Home

I recently joined a facebook group call Memories of old Bournemouth and Poole, and it has been nice seeing pictures of where I used to live and it got me thinking of blogging about my memories of Bournemouth and those of my parents especially of the Iford area and the history of our old house there. But first I thought I would share about the house I first remember

Alberta House was a big edwardian / victorian house that I think belonged to the council and had been divided up into three flats and we lived in the ground floor. It was in the Kings Park area and to the right of the picture used to be a large car park, a small play area and behind was the home of AFC Bournemouth, Dean Park.

kings park bournemouth

My sister and me used to play on the sweeping staircase that would've gone to the first floor except for the wall that separated it from our upstairs neighbours. There was no understairs cupboard but the door to the cellar that used to terrify me as it was so dark down there and seemed very huge to my 3 - 4 year old self.  The picture below was taken from the car park beside the house, the ground floor window you can see was my bedroom which I shared with my sister.

kings park bournemouth.

 It was while living in this house we got our Jack Russell dog, Shandy, I remember Dad bringing him into the kitchen and him running around. Shandy was a real character lovely to us but would happily take a chunk out of anyone who came to visit unannounced or even the hoover. But my favourite memory is being sat on the floor eating a chinese takeaway and watching Dr Who. It was an episode that featured a giant rat, Chinatown in London and maybe Tom Baker was the Doctor.

We moved to Iford when I was about five and after a few years the council sold Alberta House and the buyer restored it to a single residence. Unfortunately it is no longer there as it was eventually knocked down to build some high end apartments. 

Vic x


  1. Lovely read - and what a shame it was knocked down by some yobby builder after cash, so many lovely historical houses went that way.