Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A Challenge Doll and A Beheading

The past couple of weeks have been really busy and but I have managed to make a few things. Fist I was busy making a doll for a Challenge on the Jan Horrox Doll Maker's Facebook group. And I revamped a couple of mini art dolls by beheading them but more of them later, first the Challenge Doll.

Jan Horrox generously let the group use one of her patterns called Fairy Delight for the challenge. The pattern was great fun I learnt how to make pointed sleeves ends with facings. I used a burgundy organza and a spotted cotton for the body and skirt and painted her nails to match.

Cloth art doll

After finishing the doll I started on the wings, I wanted to play about with using the zigzag stitch on the sewing machine to give some colour to the cream wings. I used a raspberry, peach and light pink cotton on the bottom of each wing and used the light pink for the edges and veining. 

cloth art doll wings

When they were sewed onto the back of the doll they looked really good, though I admit making wings really aren't my favourite thing to do. 

art doll

Now to the beheading well two of my mini Art Dolls I felt I could do a lot better and they needed new heads to give them a bit of a lift. Below are photos of Silva and Emerald as they were before.
art doll

cloth art doll

And here are Silva and Emerald with their new heads, I think they look more glamorous.

art doll

cloth art doll

In the next the coming weeks I will be busy preparing and making some Christmas stock including Cornish Pixie Elves and maybe a doll. And after that I will be doing a bit of research and more planning for something in the New Year. 

Until next time.
Vic xx

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

More New Pixie Elves

Last week I managed to find sometime and painted two new Pixie Elves, one was a bit more of a challenge than the other but I really like how they turned out.
First is one decorated with a heart, I always seem to fall back on decorating the bodies with a heart but with this one I wanted to something a little bit different. I thought a winged heart would look good and the tattoo heart idea I may do another time.

Cornish pixie elf

The next one as I said was a bit more of a challenge, but it is completely fun and pink.

cornish pixie elf

Yes I just had to paint a pink flamingo on an elf and I really love it, though at one point it was a bit too fuchsia pink, so I added a few other colour washes to calm it down and added a bit of white and yeah we had a flamingo. Of course I had to add a matching pink hat which clashes nicely with the periwinkle blue body, which seemed very Kitsch. 

This week is the last week of the school holidays and I'm not sure if I will get a chance to make anything but I know I will be starting a doll next week so I will be sharing that in a couple of weeks. 

Until next time
Vic xx