Monday, 27 July 2015

New Pixie Elves and Retiring Elves

This week I admit I was struggling with what to make so I got the box of paints and elves out just to see what I had. Well before I knew it I had painted a small family set of elves that I called the Blues.
As you can see I used three different shades of blue for each elf and I also added a paper cream rose to the necks which give them a pretty vintage or wedding party look.

cornish pixie elves

Also I have looked through the Cornish Pixie Elves that are still for sale and I will be retiring Lotus, The Ninjas, Smudge, Blue and Acorn. All are still available along with the Blues in my Etsy shop

cornish pixie elf

I thought I would share with you what happens when I retire the pixie elves, they sadly don't go to a pixie retirement home. The pixie elves are placed in a box with all the paints and other old and new blank elf bodies. 

cornish pixie elf
The Ninjas

The hats and any decorations are removed and I then use some sandpaper and sand off the facial features, excess glue and any painted decorations and some of the body paint. 

cornish pixie elf

Naturally not all of the paint can be removed with the sandpaper, I don't use any paint strippers so to cover the left over old paint I repaint the whole body with white gesso. This then gives a nice base for any new paint I add to the bodies. 

cornish pixie elf

The heads are then given a coat of flesh coloured paint and then I pack them away until I want to make some new Pixie elves. 

cornish pixie elf

Not all of the retired Pixie Elves are Reincarnated some end up as gifts or I end up keeping the odd one, I fact I know if Acorn doesn't sell before retirement I will be keeping her. 

Until next time.

Vic xx

Monday, 20 July 2015

Cakes and Tropical Fish

Last week was a bit of an odd week I was busy socially and with family, but the making and creating took a bit of a back seat. Well apart from baking as I baked and decorated two dozen cupcakes. The cupcakes were for a special book club, one of our members had a very special birthday and we all chipped in. So I decided I would bake lemon cupcakes and top them with lemon frosting. They smelt delicious when they were baking. I wish I had some lemon curd in the larder as I could have filled the centre with lemon curd before decorating them with the frosting. I finished them of with gold sugar, a sugar flower and a floral wrapper. 

lemon cupcakes
Lemon cupcakes

 I also made a dozen plain vanilla cupcakes and topped them with a rose flavoured frosting as I thought they would compliment the lemon cakes. The frosting went a more peachy pink rather than the pale pink I wanted. I used some beautiful edible butterflies and white sugar pearls, with laser cut wrappers and they looked very pretty.

Rose vanilla Cupcakes

Also last week we had a few new additions to the household, it was the lads birthday and he spent his money on a fish tank for tropical fish. He had to wait a few days after setting up the tank but he now has three guppies called Flash, Specs and Jaws!!! 
The picture below was taken by the lad on his ipod  but you can just see Flash and Jaws, I think Specs was hiding.  

Until next time

Vic xx

Monday, 13 July 2015

Showgirl Art Doll

Last week I started a new doll which I have completely fallen in love with as she was a joy to make. The pattern was designed by Barbara Schoenoff and I purchased it from Jan Horrox website a few weeks back when I ordered some fabric and hair. The Pattern is easy to follow, I did change a few of the techniques to how I prefer to construct a doll but the end result was exactly the same.
showgirl coth art doll

Following the pattern I made the legs, hands, body and the head last, I usually start with the head. Each part was stuffed after the sewing which was good for me as I do all the stuffing in one go so my arm didn't ache to much afterwards. As always I button jointed her shoulders and hips mainly because I like to have some movement to the dolls. Her clothes did give me some problems with the joint movement so I sewed them on while she was in a seated position. 

showgirl cloth art doll

The head was great fun as she has a more pointy nose that my usual dolls and there was and extra step in the needle sculpting which gave her so much character even before I had painted in her features. As she is a showgirl she needed to have a strong look so I gave her long thick lashes. 

showgirl cloth art doll

The worst part was adding all the bows and trims as they were all hand sewed on but I still enjoyed all of it, even though that did end up making my arm ache. 

showgirl cloth art doll

The hardest part of this doll was actually finding a suitable name and in the end I decided on Lottie as I think it suited her the best. She's just been made available in my Etsy shop along with my other dolls and the Cornish Pixie Elves. 

Until next time

Vic x

showgirl cloth art doll

showgirl cloth art doll

Monday, 6 July 2015

Elves in Space!!

I've not been making much lately as I've been resting a poorly arm but last week I just needed to make something and decided that it would be a good idea to paint some Pixie Elves.

First I painted two special elves, these are for two of my friends who both have birthdays this month.

cornish pixie elves

 I also wanted to make some space themed pixie elves, so I got my ideas book out and had a quick look at my notes and sketches. First I knew I had to paint a spaceman or astronaut, it was fun painting it all white and then adding the details. 

spaceman cornish pixie elf
"I want to be a Spaceman"

Next I painted a ringed planet pixie elf, I wasn't sure on the background colour and decided that black would be best. I also added some dots and specks of varying sizes to give the impression of stars and planets and maybe the odd comet. 

planet cornish pixie elf
"The final frontier"

The last elf I painted a rocket ship on his body and I really love the retro look of him, I had fun with this ones description on it's Etsy listing. 

rocket  cornish pixie elf
"Helston we have a problem!!"

The Rocket ship pixie elf also disappeared mysteriously, I was beginning to think perhaps there may have been an alien elf abduction but no girlie had him. 

All of the Space pixie Elves will be beaming into my Etsy shop during the week. 

Until next time

Vic xx