Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas Fairs and Something New

Its the Christmas Craft Fair season and I've just done my first one of two that I do every year. I only attend one or two Fairs at Christmas mainly because of family life and they are hard work. The Fair is admittedly the easy part, it is all the preparation before the Fair, pricing stock, checking stock , making new stock, printing out signs, sorting out displays and much more. Then I get to the fair and find the Body Shop or Pampered Chef nearby, which is frustrating but I will blog about that another time. 

So as I mentioned I've made new stock for the Fair, I have made some new Elves and the wooden Pig above which has been turned into a Blackboard  / Chalkboard. I had made some Chickens in the summer but they sold out completely, and I have ordered more so keep and eye out for some Chickens in the not to distant future.