Saturday, 25 October 2014

Cute and Fluffy.

After the sadness of losing Chirpy we had some good news this week. My hubby decided to try some Quail eggs in the incubator again. We have tried before but it hasn't been very successful so we weren't expecting anything to happen. Monday night a chick was trying to get out of its egg and by Tuesday morning we had two tiny little quail chicks.

day old quail chick

So Wednesday they were moved out of the incubator and put in a warm box. I had orders and phone calls from hubby to check on them occasionally and to make sure they had enough food and water.

2 day old quail chick

Checking on them is awkward as Sapphie, our dog, decides to help and wants to lick them. Also they move fast and want to get out of the box. 

2 day old quail chcik

They are really tiny and very very cute and extremely noisy in fact noisier than having baby chicks or ducklings. They have hay in the box and they snuggle up under it so you have to search to find them. 

2 day old quail chick

The Girlie and the Lad adore them were very happy for me to take some photos of them in their hands. I'm waiting for them to give them names but nothing has been decided yet. 

quail chick

Vic x