Monday, 8 July 2013

Pinterest, Blogs & Sewing

I have just added a widget on the right hand side, can you see it? It will take you to my boards on Pinterest, I have lots of gorgeous things pinned on there as well as my own work, tutorials, etc. In fact I recently pinned a blog post on there about a problem I was having with my sewing machine. The tension was just not right and the thread from the bobbin kept getting snagged and however I tried I couldn't work out what to do. Well I had two options either send the machine back or find a solution on the internet. I always try the internet first and yes I found it in a blog post by rdrop and it worked. My tension was far too tight hence why the bobbin thread would just jam. I pinned the blog so I know where it was and others could also find it. Pinterest has become very handy for pinning things I want to look at later like tutorials and more. 

I was sewing a fairy when the tension needed adjusting, it was a bit of a challenge as she had wires through her legs and body so she can be posed. Also for some reason I don't like my cloth dolls at one point, this is when they are bald and with no clothes, I just think they are not looking good. But by the time I get the clothes and hair on I like them. 

For this fairy, who I called Oona, I used some of my favourite fabrics and some recycled from and old bridesmaids dress of my sisters. The skirt on Oona is a beautiful chiffon in a gorgeous blue that also has a purple sheen. The colours of her clothes also went well with her hair which was made from bamboo fibre. 

This is also my second blog post this month my first was for the Craft Pimp Blog, it was fun to write and was all about my first attempts at needle felting. You will find the post here  The Craft Pimp Blog has some great things on it including some regular items like The Market Place and Fridays Favourite. 

bye for now

Victoria x