Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Cloth Dolls and Trolls

I have been very busy with all sorts things and little craft projects that I realised I hadn't made a cloth doll for a little while. Also I had to make a goth girl doll for my daugher, she had all the fabric and trims ready for me. 

Originally the doll was to have bubble gum pink hair but it just didn't look right so she ended up with blue hair which suited the doll better. The blue hair was originally intended for another doll I had planned but I decided it wasn't going to look right either.

I have a few different dolls planned and I purchased some patterns to make them. First I really wanted to make a mermaid and I decided that a stump doll would be the best way to represent her. I embellished her with lots of seaweed and she just needed to be holding something and luckily I had made some lampwork beads which were just right.

Last weekend I really needed to make something so I decided to start on the Troll pattern. It took a couple of days and with a bit of head scratching I finally finished him. I just love his hair which is made from merino wool and needle felted into his head, and I just couldn't resist giving him some bushy eyebrows. 

Using the patterns is good as I'm learning more each time I make a doll and I have lots of ideas all waiting to be made, including another couple of Stump Dolls a Fairy and some seasonal ones. And in between those I have found something else I enjoy making which is fabric insects, I made some for the a may challenge. They used up scraps of fabric and also gave me the chance to use the decorative stitches on my sewing machine.