Tuesday, 13 October 2015

New Witches and Christmas Decorations

Its been a busy few weeks as I have been making a few more of the Wicked Sister Witch Dolls and painting / making Christmas Decorations.

You might know I tend not to repeat designs and dolls, well the Witch Dolls I enjoyed making so much and I was asked if they were more available I thought why not and made these two Violet and Skye.

witch art doll

They are great fun to make and it got me thinking of the different variations I could make. So in the future you may see Winter, Spring Witches or Earth and Fire Witches and certainly a few more of the Wicked Sister Witches. 

Also I revisited an old make and got the polymer clay out to make some new Christmas Elf decorations. 

polymer christmas decoration

I'm tempted to make more of these with pretty coloured hats for all year round but I will see how these go this year before I decide to buy new colours of clay. 

Also I've been busy painting wooden decorations like these Copper Keys, I have also painted silver, gold and platinum keys too. 

wooden key

Also I had some slivers of wood that I wasn't sure what to do with I thought I would paint on a heart on them and then I sort of made them into a  Nordic / Scandinavian style decoration. 

heart decoration

heart decoration

All of the decorations I've mentioned above and a few more will be available in the Christmas Shop section in my Esty Shop

I have a few busy weeks coming up and hope to have some Christmas Art Dolls and Cornish Pixie Elves ready soon but first I'm working on something special.  

Until next time 
Vic xx