Sunday, 30 September 2018

Fae Design Challenge

Well as I mentioned in my last post I've joined in a Challenge run by Art Elements, this months theme was Fairy and as you all know I like Fae. Not only do I paint the Cornish Pixies or bring them to life really. I also make the odd Fae doll, and of course I've written about them with my Sidhe books set in alternate England where Fae exist.
As to Fae in general I like the dark dangerous side of them and I want to try and express that through my dolls. But my dolls being what they are tend to evolve by themselves and turn out completely different to what I imagined. As it was for the three dolls I've made for the challenge, I made a mermaid, a Fae and a witch. Now why a witch in a Fae challenge, well I like witches they are magical and some work with Fae. Like Fae they can also walk the line between light and dark.

witch art doll
Rue the Witch Art Doll
witch art doll

 Rue was supposed to be a bit darker especially with the skulls on her dress but she ended up a bit sweet. And she does have a rather adorable familiar which is a bat called Norman, who she keeps on a chain as he nibbled through his original leather leash and collar.

witch art doll
Norman the Bat

Next we have Genny a mermaid, mermaids are a water sprite or elemental, and have their dark side of luring sailors to their deaths. Genny was fun to make as I bought myself an inspiration pack and used the materials in it to make her.
mermaid art doll
Genny the mermaid
Genny has freshwater pearls on her tail and she's carrying a net of shells that she has just collected to decorate her sea cave.

mermaid art doll
Net of Shells
Now the last doll is Fae and her name is Nyra, her body is made from silk as well as her tunic. She's a more simply dressed doll and she did nearly have wings but they didn't suit her. 

Fae art doll
Nyra the Fae
Nyra is carrying something special we aren't sure what is as she won't say only that it can be found in Fae, in a dark enchanted forest. I think I'd like to visit the enchanted forest but I might need a sword and a few fellow travellers to help, like a wizard, an elf and maybe a dwarf.

Fae Art doll
Nyra the Fae
I hope enjoyed a very short foray into Fae, maybe next time I can introduce you to some Slaugh, UnSeelie or maybe Elves. I'm off now to see what the other contributors have done for the challenge and I'll leave the links here for you to explore and enjoy.

Guest Artists


Art Elements Team


Until next time Vic x

Friday, 28 September 2018

Quick Update and getting back to the blog.

Its been a while since I last blogged and a lot of things have happened since then.
The lad has finished his exams and is now at college studying animal care, and trying to persuade us that him having ferrets would be a good thing. Hmm well it would if we didn't have the fish, chickens and the cockatiels.
And me, I'm now working part time in a card shop as well as still making the pixies, dolls and finding time to write. The writing blog has moved to word press and also needs and update, which I'll do later if I have the time.
So to kick start the blog again I've joined in a blog hop / challenge run by Art Elements. Their website is full of interesting posts tutorials and more as well as the monthly blog challenges. This months challenge happens to Fairies, or Fae as I prefer to use. Of course that works perfectly with the dolls and I've been busy, between working, trying to finish three dolls and two witch brooches. The dolls are complete but the brooches aren't quiet finished.
I have shared some sneaky peeks of the work in the dolls on Instagram but here are a few of them.

I will reveal the three dolls on Sunday the 30th September and there will be a list of the other blogs who will be joining in. 
I'll see you then
Vic x