Thursday, 30 October 2014

Busy getting ready for Halloween

It's been a very busy day as today we went to get all the shopping ready for our Halloween lunch and I needed some extras for the Treat bags I was making. The treat bags look brilliant as we've made a bag full of "ghost poo, bat droppings and pumpkin teeth" or really mini white marshmallows, chocolate covered raisins and candy corn. The candy corn came from a shop in Barnstaple and we had a couple of prices each just to check it was okay of course and it was tasty.

The kids carved the pumpkin we grew, usually I carve one and then they have a pumpkin each but this year I was out of time and let them at the only pumpkin. The Lad made a nice face on one side and was going to do a spider on the other side but got really frustrated. So Girlie took over and finished the spider but that meant abandoning sorting out or Halloween decs so I had to tip toe through them to make a start on the cupcakes.  But fist I had to sit and take a screwdriver to our screaming animated ghoul lady as she would scream but her head wasn't moving. I spent at least twenty minutes sorting her out and she's sort of moving her head now.

I'm not making any pumpkin pie this year, my Mum is most upset as we always take her and Dad  a slice each, I'll have to give her some of the not so red velvet cakes instead. And that was a bit of disappointment I used a different food colouring this time hoping the cupcakes would be more red especially as I was using a bake-stable colouring but no they are a slightly pinky brown.

So tomorrow the plan is to make two lots of frosting and pipe them onto the cakes, clean the house get the kids to help and get hubby sorting out the mess in the porch so we can decorate it. Then get ready for lunch of spiced pumpkin soup, sausages, pizza, crisps, eyeballs (grapes) and cakes. And then later before we go out get the hanging pod decorations made and hung up on the trees by the gate and in the porch. Then while the girlie and the lad are getting in their costumes I will try to sneak the lads Star Trek communicator into my pocket so I can keep it for myself, but he can keep his phaser though.

Vic x

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