Thursday, 23 April 2015

Freaky Creepy Doll and New Mermaids.

This week I've been very busy getting some more mermaids made and in my shop by the end of the week. So I made two, one pink and one green, and I ended up calling them Morwenna and Vivienne.

morwenna mermaid cloth art doll

This time I decided to decorate them both a bit more so with Morwenna I added some ric rac, a sequin and a bead to her bikini.  I also decorated the whole of her tail with more sequins and beads. 

Vivienne mermaid cloth art doll

With Vivienne I also added a bead to her bikini and embellished the braiding at the top of the tail with more beads. And like Morwenna I added lots more sequins and beads to her tail. There are some more photos of both Vivienne and Morwenna at the bottom of this post. 

Not only did I make the two mermaids I decided to complicate things by making an extra one. Girlie really liked the last small mermaid I made and she asked if she could have one too but a bit goth / dark fairy. Well as I had a spare head I decided I would make a painted mermaid. 

Freaky creepy mermaid cloth art doll

The head had a few extra coats of paint as the previous face was showing through, but once I got the dark paint on it looked great. I used some extra watered down black acrylic and added a bit of shadow and blush to the face which is something I don't usually do. I didn't add much embellishment to the body as I thought it would be good for girlie to add if she wanted too. Though I suppose I could have added a tattoo. 

freaky creepy mermaid cloth art doll

Girlie loves her and she's hanging up above her alarm clock beside her bed. I'm not sure if she has been named yet but it will be interesting to see what girlie will call her. 

See you next time. 
Vic xx

mermaid cloth art doll

mermaid cloth art doll

mermaid cloth art doll

mermaid cloth art doll

Monday, 13 April 2015

Catching Up

Hello and sorry I've been away longer than I expected, the op went okay but I also lost my Mojo / Muse. But its back just in time as I've sold a couple of dolls recently and I need some new ones in my shop. With the loss of the mojo I also got behind with the year long challenge so unfortunately I've missed a week. But I have some new Cornish Pixie Elves to show and I'm really pleased with them.

Cornish Pixie elves

These two were inspired by the decorative bird boxes I painted. The flowers remind me of old fashioned roses. The elves were already part of a family set I had retired, so they just needed a bit of decoration. 

Cornish Pixie elves

The Topiary Elf was inspired by some garden ideas I had sketched in my ideas book. It was nearly a watering can elf but for some reason the flowering topiary tree won.

Cornish Pixie elves

I also wanted to make some more Maritime / Nautical elves and I decided on and anchor design with a blue background and a red hat. It turned out better than I expected. 

So this week its back behind the sewing machine as I have mermaids and more in my head all desperate to be brought to life in cloth form.

See you soon
Vic xx