Thursday, 28 January 2016

Where did the time go?

Its been a while since I last wrote and the time has rushed past, Christmas and the New Year flashed by in a haze of never ending grey skies and heavy rain. Before that I was busy sending out orders and getting ready for the christmas holidays. But I'm back now and creating again and full of goals and ideas for the coming year. So to what I've been creating so far.

My first doll of the year was a Goblin Queen, I had a Goblin Princess pattern by Patti Medaris Culea that I wanted to try. Also I had just heard of the death of David Bowie on the early morning news, and as I loved him as Jareth the goblin king in Labyrinth, it seemed fitting to make it. I used the pattern for the body and went with a medieval fantasy style of clothing, I added some beaded elements and trimmings and also I used a piece of Tibetan Lambskin for the first time and it was fun to use. I also made her staff from some beads, a bamboo skewer, glue from a hot glue gun and paint to cover the glue. I have to admit I'm quite chuffed with her. 

art doll
Farryn Goblin Queen
This week I've been busy painting some new Cornish Pixie Elves, some I've made especially for Valentines but I suppose they will be relevant all the year. 

cornish pixie elf
Rose Blush Cornish Pixie Elves
cornish pixie elf
Moon Gazing Hare Cornish Pixie Elf
cornish pixie elf
I Heart U Cornish Pixie Elves
Lock and Key Cornish Pixie Elves

The doll and the pixie elves photos are now using my new background, well aka the single white sheet. I felt a white background looks better with them  and the sheet is bigger which is handy with the large dolls like Farryn.  That's one of my goals this year to retake some of the photos on the new background along with a few others. 

Until next time
Vic xx

art doll