Monday, 9 December 2013

Another year nearly over.

Wow where has the time gone? this year has whizzed by on roller skates. Usually I'm really organised for Christmas, Cards written, present shopping finished, tree up etc, but not this year. My husband got my decorations down from the loft for me yesterday and I spent an hour or two with the children sorting through the decorations to choose the colour scheme for the tree this year. It was a bit sad as I had to throw away lots of glass baubles as they had broken, some of the baubles were bought when I first got married and from when the children were little. So the tree didn't go up yesterday but it will during the week, it takes me a few days to decorate the tree and our conservatory for Christmas but only a day to take it all down.

As its coming to the end of the year and with the new one just round the corner my thoughts have turned to what I want to achieve in the next year. I have already planned some new elves including a Super Elf, who got painted straight away. I also repainted some old elf bodies and turned them into winged fairy elves.

Super Hero Elf

I think you will see a few more Cloth Art Dolls next year including some made from my own designs. I hope to blog a bit more or have a bit more of a plan on what I want to write about. I haven't any plans for any new hobbies yet, but I expect something new will grab my interest at some point.

fairy winged spotty elf

fairy winged spotty elf

Until next time

Victoria x