Friday, 25 October 2013

Father Christmas and my essential tools

Well its been a busy two weeks, not only have I finished the second father Christmas with his red suit, I have made four mini cloth art dolls. They have turned out really well, I made two Christmas ones and some flower fairies. The reason to make so many in one go is I have two craft fairs next month so I wanted enough to sell. Well I should say I did have four I sold the Green Christmas Fairy before I had taken any photos. I have a few other pieces to make for the fairs mainly felted acorns, and GreenMen Cloth art doll decorations. I also need to retake photos of my Christmas Elves so that I can list them on ETSY after Halloween.

Red Cloth Art Father Christmas Doll
Christmas Cloth Art Doll

I was considering recently the most essential tool I couldn't do without, well narrowing it down to just one for me is hard so I have listed a few for each craft I do. 

Jewellery -  Pliers (round nosed, snipe nose) and cutters.
Seed Beading - Thread, needle, scissors.
Metal Smithing - Saw, bench peg, hammer, drill and drill bits.
Lampworking - Torch, kiln, gas, didymium glasses.
Art Dolls / Sewing - sewing machine, scissors, material, thread.

I could add a lot more to that list including the materials like metal, beads, glass, glue and so much more.

See you next time
Vic xx

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Giveaway and Christmas

As you can see from the title I'm doing a giveaway and making things for Christmas. I'll tell you more about the giveaway later but first Christmas.

I decided in the summer that I was going to use the Troll pattern (by UteVasina) to make a couple of Santas / Father Christmas. Naturally they had to be made in green and red. Unfortunately I only had enough craft velour fabric to make one Father Christmas so I got on and made one while waiting for the Craft Velour to arrive.  He was great fun to make, I did a lot of measuring to get his trousers and clothing the right size. As usual I made the hair out of merino wool, putting on the beard was interesting and to be honest I wasn't sure for a while but I thought he certainly looked like a Father Christmas when I finished.

Cloth Art Doll, Father Christmas, Santa, Green, Yule

He is now ready to order in my Etsy shop and I will be making a start on the Red Santa at the end of this week. 

So to the Giveaway, I have been thinking of doing a giveaway for a while and I had just recently passed 100 likes on my FaceBook Business page . So naturally it seemed the right time to do the give away, but what to giveaway.  Well I have also been meaning to make my own original Cloth Art Doll from my own pattern design. Also I wanted to make a smaller doll that would not only use up the doll fabric scraps but would also be a little more cost effective for my customers. This is the first one of the Scrap Fairies.

I will need to make some very small changes to the pattern, but I'm pleased how the pattern worked out. So this original and first scrap doll is up for grabs on my facebook page  until Monday 14th October 2013 and the winner will be announced on Tuesday 15th Oct 2013.

see you next time
Vic xx