Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Film Night

Last night I went to our local cinema, the Rebel, to watch a film with some of my book club pals. I haven't been to the cinema for a little while and the last film was a U or  PG so watching an 18 was a nice change.
The reason we went to the cinema was to see the film version of a book we had read earlier in the year. The book was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, we all loved the book and it is one I would recomend to anyone who loves mystery style books.

The book isn't all about mystery it is also about relationships, marriage and why couples stay together regardless, though it is more of an extreme view.  The film has condensed this down really well and it was tighter and better paced. I suppose it helps that Gillian Flynn wrote the screenplay for the movie. 
As with all film things change or have to be omitted and this is true for this film version, but I felt it was done well, though more dramatic for one part. The ending was different to the book but  it worked well. 

Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike were very good as Nick and Amy Dunne, I'm now looking forward to seeing Ben Affleck as Batman, he has grown a lot as an actor since Daredevil. It was also nice to see Neil Patrick Harris since the end of the tv series How I Met Your Mother.  I also liked Carrie Coon and Kim Dickens who played Margot Dunne and Detective Rhonda Boney. 
In all its worth watching whether or not you've read the book as it is a good story and well acted. 

Vic x