Saturday, 11 October 2014

My Working day

On the days I'm working its a bit like this:

  • Wake up and realise its 7 am and rush to get dressed and then spend the next hour trying to get  the children up and ready to catch the school bus. Usually while I'm drinking a coffee or two and letting the dog out.
  • While getting the children ready I'm also relisting an item in my Etsy shop, tweeting and pinning the listing. Then a quick post on facebook page, facebook will then have a hissy fit as I've used the browser instead of the app on my tablet.
  • Breathe a sigh of relief and get breakfast and my second or third coffee while I then speak to my mum on our daily phone call.
  • Yeah 9 am or later if I'm having a good chat on the phone and I'm working either creating something like painting elves, sewing dolls or on the laptop blogging, or photographing new stock and then adding them to the the etsy shop.
  • Let Sapphie out again and then wait for her to decided if she will come in.
  • Get annoyed with Sapph as she's wanted to go out but then just stands by the door looking at me.
  • Find the dog treat tin and grab a small biscuit so sapphie will come back in.
  • Repeat the two above a few more times during the day until Sapph stops or I ignore her.
  • Eat lunch, check emails, twitter, forums, etsy stats, facebook etc.
  • On a creating day, during lunch post work in progress photos to Tumblr and facebook remembering to use the app on the tablet this time. 
  • get back to working as I realise the time is now nearly three and the children will be back soon.
  • Depending on the work pack up at 4 when the children are back. 
  • If I'm working on a doll I will keep working until I come to a natural break and then realise its nearly 6pm and the coffee hubby made when he got home from work is now cold and I need to get our evening meal sorted. 
  • During the evening I check emails, twitter, facebook etc, retweeting and posting.
  • Go to bed after relaxing in front of the tv or reading a book.

Sorry I couldn't resist putting a photo up of Sapph at the end of that as shes cute and dippy. My working days would be very boring without her. Even though she's snoring loudly or wanting to go outside and bark at the people who are walking past the gate.

Vic x


  1. Heheheheh she is gorgeous :) my working day is soooooooooo similar to yours only I no longer have school runs!!

  2. She is gorgeous but not last night when she thought we wanted cuddles, I was covered in hair and dog saliva :D x