Monday, 13 September 2010

Light Side Collection

Well the kids are back at school now and I've been able to get back into my groove. To start with the old MOJO was missing in action but it resurfaced enough for me to make up a few pieces of jewellery for the Light Side Collection. I did the Dark Side collection a month ago and always had plans to make a Light Side to compliment it.


As with the Dark Side Collection I have made two necklaces and two bracelets. That wasn't the only thing I've made last week. I quickly made up a couple of bag charms for my daughter and her BF and another of my favorite makes a charm style bracelet with pumpkins and witches just in time for Halloween.


The Weekends are always a creative time for me and I managed to get out the glass and Hot Head and made some beads check out my Storm Glass Bead Blog to see what I've been up to.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Creative Bank Holiday

My weekends have been busy and this bank holiday I was determined to get out in my shed and make some jewellery. I had made a second batch of beads a couple of days before so it was jewellery time, it has seemed like ages even though I made a brooch the other weekend. One thing I need to insist on is that if I'm in my shed working the kids need to ask their Dad questions not me I just want to get on, the tinkers. So I made some of my favorite type of bracelets the charm style, and a charm style necklace, and a few little thongs.

And now the kids are back to school today so my week is free so I can make more jewellery, I can't wait.