Thursday, 3 July 2014

Doll Heads

I recently purchased an E-Pattern from Colleen Babcock's Etsy shop called all about the face. I love Colleen's patterns as she explains things really well, and I've learnt a few more little tricks from them. So one Friday last month I made two heads they didn't take long and used up a few scraps of fabric, the colouring took a bit longer as I was trying out different eye placements. After a few hours I had two lovely heads but what to do with them? Luckily Colleen's pattern was in two parts and has lots of ideas of decorating the head and I decided to finish them off with bead embroidery.

rainbow cloth art doll face

The first was inspired by a challenge on the Craft Pimp Forum, the challenge was to make something summery and colourful. For some reason I had a rainbow idea in my head so I decided to go with the idea and luckily I had the right colour beads in my stash. 

rainbow cloth art doll face

The top of the head I made some fringing and I was really pleased how she turned out as it looks like she has a carnival  headdress on.

art deco cloth doll face

I waited a week to start the bead embroidery on the next head, this one I wanted to be an opposite to the colourful one. In my stash I had one of  Lynn Davey's Mini Mojo Pots and it had some lovely accent beads in black and silver tones, which inspired an art deco look.

art deco cloth doll face

I really enjoyed making these and I can have a few heads ready made to be embellished and then made into fridge magnets or brooches or I can add them to a doll body. They have also given me some great ideas for halloween and christmas. 

Until next time 
Vic xx

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